1. i didn’t realize this photo became so popular until we saw it in a post from cosmopolitan rusia (?). we did a reverse google image search and we saw all of these articles about “THE LATEST HIPSTER TREND”. hahaha, is that still going on? like the hipster thing? so now my boyfriend and all of the other guys involved are hipsters and not only that, but they are also efemminate and gay because omg, that’s like the worst thing a man can be, amirite? (i’m being sarcastic btw) and like this is definitely not the reason why jesus died for all of y’all sins, according to some comments i’ve read on some articles.

    when i took these photos (because there are several photos of him wearing flowers in his beard) we had no idea this was a thing. it was something silly that occurred to andrés and i played along. it’s been really weird and funny tbqh! this collection of photos are in knowyourmeme and tons of articles. there’s even an article about wedding trends? omg, this is…

    so my point is, i just went through 43 pages of google results with that image search i did and wow, is this the best i’ll do?! hahaha. to be honest, it’s kind of satisfying to see my photo featured in many articles written in many different languages BUT GUYS… ONLY ONE PERSON HAS ASKED FOR PERMISSION TO USE THIS PHOTO and in many articles the authors didn’t credit the photos, hm. but anyways, wow. i don’t even like this photo that much neither my boyfriend.

    but seriously… hipster? IT’S 2014 GUYS!  

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  3. I asked my boyfriend to take a photo of me with the magnifying glass and edited two versions of the photo. I like both so I’ll share them with you.

    someone asked me if my eye was actually purple?????????????????????????????

  6. anniesboobs:

    So, we found I’m passively internet famous in one of Martha’s photos as part of the “flower beard trend”.

    Apparently, that’s a thing that’s going on. We did a reverse image search on Google, and the photo appears in a bunch of “latest hipster trends” articles, many of which have comments like “so gay; it sucks because it has no ~meaning~; fucking posers, this isn’t art; everything with is so wrong”, etcetera. So I guess, we’re also passively hated on too. 


    What he said. 

  7. Handmade jewelry by Zertuchina and Xanart

  8. Handmade jewelry by Zertuchina and Xanart


  10. Photoshoot made for my friends Ale and Caro. 
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